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Who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?
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See the next article Press24 Uk about Who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?, KATE Abdo is one of the most recognised football presenters in the world.Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fans of the sports ., As posted in The Sun, our coverage continues as we follow up with you on details and information ,Who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?, where many are interested in this topic, and see now the details, so follow us.

Who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?

KATE Abdo is one of the most recognised football presenters in the world.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fans of the sports broadcaster are keen to know more about her life off camera – including her marriage to husband Ramtin Abdo.

GettyKate Abdo pictured in May 2023[/caption]

Who is Kate Abdo’s husband Ramtin Abdo?

English sports broadcaster, Kate Abdo, is married to businessman and investor Ramtin Abdo.

Born in Manchester under the maiden name Giles, she took her husband Ramtin Abdolmajid’s surname – shortened to Abdo – when they wed.

Aside from this, not much is known about the couple’s relationship, with the pair keeping their romance private from the public eye.

When did Kate Abdo and Ramtin Abdo get married?

In October 2023, fans were left in hysterics at Thierry Henry’s reaction after Kate Abdo joked that she was getting engaged.

The CBS Sports host and the Arsenal legend were joined by Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards as usual on Champions League nights, when the presenter revealed at the start of the show that she had a big announcement.

There were audible gasps from Carragher before he quipped: “Are you getting engaged?”

Abdo responded: “Yes, I am getting engaged, he doesn’t know yet.”

However, it was only a joke as glamorous Kate is already married, having tied the knot to her husband Ramtin in 2010.

But as she made the gag, the cameras quickly cut to Henry – and some fans were convinced that he looked gutted.

One said: “He almost threw up on the table,” while a second added: “He looks mortified.”

What does Ramtin Abdo do for a living?

As mentioned above, Ramtin Abdo is a businessman and investor.

According to various reports, Ramtin has an estimated net worth of £10million.

Kate on the other hand has also managed to amass an impressive fortune thanks to her successful career.

The sports broadcaster is reported to have an estimated net worth of £2million – thanks to a job that has taken her all over the world.

Kate began her broadcasting career in Germany covering the Bundesliga as a production assistant and has since worked in the UK, Spain, France, and the United States.

Because of this, she speaks fluent French, German and Spanish.

So, including English, multilingual Kate speaks an impressive FOUR languages – and she’s previously impressed fans with her skills live on air.

During a show in November 2022, Kate and her ex-football star co-hosts were shown Champions League interviews by PSG star Kylian Mbappe, Federico Valverde of Real Madrid, and RB Leipzig boss Marco Rose.

Kate then effortlessly translated the questions and answers from all three for the English-speaking viewers – earning the star a fist-bump from Thierry Henry.

Meanwhile, Micah Richards said: “Wow, Kate! Three interviews, three languages!

“The first one French, second one Spanish, third German. Das ist gut, Ja!”

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