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Mum sends Christmas warning to parents after 5 year old son ended up in a coma
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Lifestyle, Mum sends Christmas warning to parents after 5 year old son ended up in a coma, Not wearing a helmet almost cost Marli his life Picture Nikki Barnes SWNS, by Press24 Uk, where many people are interested in watching and following the news,Mum sends Christmas warning to parents after 5-year-old son ended up in a coma, and now to the details.

Mum sends Christmas warning to parents after 5-year-old son...

Not wearing a helmet almost cost Marli his life (Picture: Nikki Barnes / SWNS)

A mum has begged parents to learn from her mistakes this Christmas after her son suffered a tragic accident.

Mari Barnes, five, suffered two skull fractures and a broken shoulder after a playdate went horribly wrong. He was playing near his home in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorks, when he jumped on a friend’s bike and tried to ride it down a steep hill.

But the ‘rust bucket’ bike had no breaks, which led to the youngster crashing into the 4ft garden wall and banging his head on the side of the house.

Now, Nikki is urging any parents who buy bikes this Christmas to also buy a helmet and insist their kids wear it.

Nikki, a full-time mum, had instructed Malri to stay near the house as she prepared his dinner.

‘Not even five minutes after having that conversation with Marli, I had two men walking down the garden path, and I thought ‘Oh gosh, what’s he done now?’’’ the 28-year-old said.

Doctors told Marli’s parents to prepare for the worst: (Picture Nikki Barnes / SWNS)

‘They just told me that my son was unconscious, passed out in somebody’s garden. I literally just ran. I didn’t even wait to know where he was.’

The terrified parent rushed to be at Marli’s side, who was accompanied by a couple of neighbors. One neighbor, aged 80 years old, was performing CPR on the child.

‘The couple said Marli had hit their home so hard that they thought something had fallen over upstairs,’ Nikki said. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was so surreal. The bike was way too big for Marli. It had no breaks. It was a rust bucket basically.’

The ambulance arrived five minutes later, with paramedics cutting Marli’s clothes and giving him oxygen as he suffered through multiple seizures.

Nikki said three ambulances had arrived five minutes later, with paramedics cutting away Marli’s clothes and giving him oxygen as he had a series of seizures.

After being airlifted to hospital, Marli was diagnosed with a broken shoulder and base, frontal skull fractures. 

He was then induced into a coma, with the doctors giving Nikki some troubling news.

‘They [..] told me the injuries that Marli had got and said, “The best thing to do is prepare yourself because we can’t tell you the outcome”.’

She recounted them saying: ’’He’s got a breathing machine, and we don’t know if he’s ever going to be breath on his own again.’’

But then, nine days later, a miracle happened. Marli woke up.

‘The first thing Marli said coming around – he shouted ‘Mum’ three times, said Nikki.’ We all just cried. It was just so surreal that he actually spoke.’

Marli was in a coma for nine days (Picture: Nikki Barnes / SWNS)

And despite doctors and family members’ concerns, it didn’t take long for Marli to ‘bounce back.’

‘We were only in hospital two days after he woke up. He literally bounced back. He was walking after he woke up.’

With the terrifying ordeal now behind them, Nikki is looking ahead to future adventures with Marli.

‘We’ve actually made Marli’s wishes come true,’ Nikki revealed. ‘We are going on holiday with him, jumping on a plane to Egypt for ten days.

He’s been absolutely obsessed with airplanes since he was little, but it’s never something I’ve been able to do with Marli. So it’s making his dreams come true just to get on one.’

Against all odds, Marli made a full recovery. (Picture: Nikki Barnes / SWNS)

Still, Nikki remains haunted by what Marli experienced, and urges other parents not to make the same mistakes.

‘As a mum, having to watch my five-year-old son get CPR at the scene and knowing he wasn’t breathing, it’s been traumatic,’ she explained. ‘Marli got lucky, another child might not get as lucky. They could sustain more injuries than him.’

So, for Nikki, it’s vital that children wear a cycling helmet. ‘They might not look good, it’s not a cool thing to be wearing, but they do and will save your child’s life.

Nikki is also fundraising to buy cycling helmets for local children in time for Christmas. Click here to donate.

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