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Ryanair passengers furious as airline charges for yet another add on
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Ryanair passengers furious as airline charges for yet another...

You might now have to pay to access your online boarding pass (Picture: Getty Images)

Ryanair passengers have reported being charged for yet another add-on ahead of holidays this week, leaving some baffled and others furious.

The budget airline already charges for add-ons such as checked baggage and booking a seat in advance.

Now, Ryanair seem to be charging holidaymakers to receive their digital boarding pass, in a move that’ll do nothing to improve its reputation as the worst for hidden fees.

Passengers have shared screenshots on X (formerly Twitter), with the airline’s app instructing them to select a random seat in advance at a cost of between £8 and £21 if they wish to download their digital boarding pass.

Those who refuse to pay have reported having to queue at the airport to receive a printed boarding pass instead.

@Ryanair I just can’t believe your new policy of not allowing passengers to create a boarding pass (mobile or print-out) unless they buy a seat, forcing them to join a check-in queue (30m or longer) to do so for no other reason for you to make a few quid. Scandalous.

— Ell’ To Pay (@Ell2Pay) December 2, 2023

Airport staff told The Mail on Sunday the change, which has been rolled out in recent days, had caused outrage with affected customers.

On X, disgruntled passenger Ciaran Murtagh said: ‘So Ryanair, you are making travellers, who do not wish to book a seat, queue up at a desk and have their boarding pass printed. That’s great for the environment and another cheap shot at passengers to pay more to travel. A new low for Ryanair. Absolutely disgraceful.’

What makes this development somewhat confusing, is that Ryanair already charges passengers a check-in fee of up to £55 per person if they do not check-in online in advance.

I had the same experience today. Got my boarding pass only after paying 14 euro for the seat. Alternative was to try and get to the airport even earlier than usual. So disappointed with @Ryanair

— Suzana Bedakovic (@SBedakovic) December 3, 2023

@Ryanair how do you justify witholding borading passes from passengers unless they pay for a booked seat? Your app refused to provide me with a boarding unless i paid to book a seat.Is that not a form of extortion? Surely withh holding a basic part of your service is illegal

— Si (@Si_Jo92) December 2, 2023

However, some passengers have reported being able to access their digital boarding pass without booking a random seat, suggesting this isn’t happening to all passengers.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, a Ryanair spokesperson said: ‘Passengers have the choice of choosing a seat for a small fee or be randomly allocated a seat free of charge.’ 

The firm did not respond to claims that it was effectively forcing customers to pay for a digital boarding pass. has contacted the company for further clarification and will update this article when we get a response.

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