The skincare brand you need to know about with viral products and waitlist of thousands
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The skincare brand you need to know about with viral products...

Hey Bud’s skincare range has got people excited (Picture: Hey Bud Skincare)

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Now and again a skincare brand will come along that really gets people talking, with Aussie brand Hey Bud’s products going wildly viral.

The Australian company, which specialises in hemp seed oil products, is all over social media, with shoppers jumping to praise their products – with the Hemp Clay Mask and Gentle Jane exfoliator creating pandemonium.

The range is particularly popular with people dealing with acne. According to the brand, hemp seed oil is great for spot-prone skin as it’s full of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that help calm inflammation and soothe skin, while also hydrating it.

Hemp seed oil is also claimed to fight signs of ageing.

One of Hey Bud’s products, the aforementioned Gentle Jane exfoliator, was such a hit when it launched this year it sold out in one day and led to a waitlist of 5,500 people (fear not, it’s now back in stock!)

Using a blend of AHAs, the exfoliator gently dissolves the bond between dead skin cells, helping to smooth the skin, even skin tone and clear excess oil.

It also contains natural cellulose beads that gently polish to help improve texture and deeply cleanse to help combat blackheads.

Hey Bud’s Gentle Jane exfoliator sold out in a day (Picture: Hey Bud Skincare)

One reviewer wrote she was ‘incredibly blown away’ by the exfoliator, adding: ‘It really does live up to its name being “Gentle” Jane. It has become a shower staple in my bathroom along side the Gel Cleanser. It leaves my skin softer than I have ever felt before, smells amazing and it’s perfect for that “deep” clean you WANT from an exfoliator without feeling like you’ve scrubbed your face off. My absolute favourite hey bud product!’

Another shopper was equally impressed: ‘I didn’t think HeyBud could get ANY better, and then Gentle Jane was launched! Soft, nourished, refreshed, clean – my skin LOVES it every single time. Adding this to your routine is a no Brainer.’

The exfoliator costs £19, but right now if you spend over £70 on other Hey Bud products you get the exfoliator for free.

We can’t write about Hey Bud without mentioning the product that launched the company, the Clay Mask, which is currently on sale for £27 (normally £33).

Hey Bud’s popular clay mask that launched the brand (Picture Getty/Hey Bud Skincare)

The mask contains detoxifying ingredients such as kaolin and bentonite clay, green tea, goji and avocado oil to help reduce acne, blackheads, scarring and pigmentation as well as regulate oil production.

Again the reviews are *glowing* – especially from people trying to tackle acne.

One person wrote: ‘I had the worst breakout on my chin that I couldn’t get rid of. I’d tried almost everything. Not only has Hey Bud cleared them up but I also haven’t had any new pimples and it’s even slowly taking away the redness.’

While a second added: ‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving my skin! It’s removed my acne, cleared the redness and left my skin feeling moisturised. Easily the best mask on the market and I will be a customer for life!’

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