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Lifestyle - ready for aries season picture getty the start of aries season on march 20 is viewed by many astrologers as a .. Astrological New Year is here – your star sign’s tarot horoscope for Aries season and the Spring Equinox , Now to the details.

Ready for Aries season? (Picture: Getty)

The start of Aries season, on March 20, is viewed by many astrologers as a cosmic New Year; the start of the zodiac wheel turning through all twelve signs again.

Any beginning represents fresh energy, a chance to start over, renew, refresh and make a pledge to do something hopeful and ambitious.

Not only that, the wiccan wheel of the year turns again with Spring Equinox on the same date.

Spring has sprung! And spring is all about growth, development, new life, fresh starts.

Embrace this beautiful time of year and let it fuel your own personal ambitions and growth.

Let the tarot give you a nudge as to what the astrological New Year has in store for you.


March 21 to April 20

It’s your birthday season! (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Aries for Aries season: Six of Coins

Meaning: Karma has been watching you, Aries, and the astrological New Year is going to bring you your rewards! What a lovely start to this cosmic chapter.

The Six of Coins is a friendly, generous card which nudges you to carry on being the good neighbour, friend, partner, colleague and family member.

You have a big heart and a giving soul. You deserve to have treats, surprises, and lovely gifts and all of those will be coming your way this spring. Enjoy!

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April 21 to May 21

Luck is smiling on you, Taurus (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Taurus for Aries season: Nine of Cups

Meaning: Blessings for you, Taurus, this astrological New Year with the wish-come-true card Nine of Cups.

You are going to get lucky and good fortune will bring you wonderful opportunities to make your dreams a reality – but you need to play your part too.

Be confident, have faith in yourself, make overt moves, play a bold hand. Fortune favours the brave. You can make more headway than you think is possible this spring. Have high hopes.

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May 22 to June 21

Things are looking up (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Gemini for Aries season: The Sun

Meaning: The Sun is the tarot’s most positive card, Gemini, so this astrological New Year is going to be amazing!

Passion, creativity, promotion, travel, fun and joy are all in store. Book yourself some wonderful things to look forward to this spring. Get away and see the world. Apply for a dream role. Aim high in your love life (a Leo looks good for single Gemmys).

Sometimes, life just flows easily and beautifully and this is one of those times.

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June 22 to July 23

Love is in the air (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Cancer for Aries season: Knight of Cups

Meaning: Cancer, your relationship landscape is so very important you – especially your love life – and this astrological New Year brings a shot of passion and romance your way.

The Knight of Cups is like Cupid; when he comes into view, your love life is heating up!

If you’re single, look out for other Water signs – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. If you’re attached, make the whole of spring an extended date night. Focus on doing new, exciting, pleasing things with your other half – have fun.

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July 24 to August 23

Expect the unexpected this month (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Leo for Aries season: Three of Wands

Meaning: Life is going to get really interesting and exciting this astrological New Year.

The Three of Wands brings spontaneous action, new news, and unexpected invitations your way. In short – drama.

You love action and activity. You love to be in the middle of things. You can’t resist saying yes to whatever crops up. Spring will be chock-full of things to cut your teeth into and you won’t see any of them coming. Everything comes from leftfield.

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August 24 to September 23

What part of your life do you want to breathe fresh energy into? (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Virgo for Aries season: The World

Meaning: The World is a powerful card. It means this astrological New Year is going to bring fruition and achievement as well as the opening for new beginnings. Ebb and flow, as one chapter closes another opens up.

Travel is a big theme too, so look around the world and think about where you’d love to go. Explore your living situation and consider if you’d like to change it.

Major moves and changes are possible for you this spring. Aim high. Think big. The world is your oyster in 2023.

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September 24 to October 23

The New Year brings big changes to your outlook (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Libra for Aries season: The Wheel of Fortune

Meaning: Transformation is the theme of astrological New Year for you, Libra, anything and everything is possible. Are you ready for this?

The Wheel of Fortune is powerful and means that you can change whatever you wish. Of course, one thing will trigger another and you must expect the unexpected.

Everything is up in the air, what do you want to bat into a new position? Choose an area, choose an action, and activate it this March. Spring is going to be liberating, lively and empowering.

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October 24 to November 22

Scorpio, you’re powering through (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Scorpio for Aries season: Eight of Coins

Meaning: Scorpio, you just keep doing what you’re doing. Head down, dig in, don’t give up, keep going.

The Eight of Coins shows you’re midway through a difficult project, phase, or change right now, and you’re tired, maybe frustrated. This astrological New Year, keep going.

You are doing so well, the rewards are all there waiting, and the breakthrough you need is close at hand this spring. You can’t see it but I promise it’s there. Persist. Persevere. It’s going to be worth it.

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November 23 to December 21

Don’t forget to be gracious and stay humble (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Sagittarius for Aries season: Justice

Meaning: This astrological New Year will correct your karmic balance. Justice shows you’re going to be validated, proven right, and given a clean slate.

Things that have gone wrong or been unjust will turn around and come back into your favour. Things that have upset you will heal. People will admit their wrongs and say sorry.

This is all going to be very pleasing, but you mustn’t gloat or rub people’s nose in it. Be gracious, thank them, move on with your head held high. You were right.

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December 22 to January 21

Capricorn is known for having a diligent and ambitious attitude (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Capricorn for Aries season: Queen of Swords

Meaning: The Queen of Swords blesses your astrological New Year with good fortune and success for all of your solo projects and endeavours.

Anything you’re working on by yourself is going to be a huge success. Make it bigger, brighter, and bolder. Put the time and effort in, because the harder you work, the greater the rewards.

Get to the heart of every issue, be honest, be direct and forthright. Use your head over your heart. If you’re thinking of going solo in work – now is the time!

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January 22 to February 19

Help the stars to help your dreams come true (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Aquarius for Aries season: The Star

Meaning: Lucky you, Aquarius! The Star is your sign’s tarot talisman as well as being a cosmic wish pass from the Universe.

What will you manifest this spring? I am telling you anything is possible. The higher you aim, the better the outcome. Make this ambition something totally solo and personal to your greatest and most authentic heart’s desire.

You just need to make a move in its direction. You just need to have faith and play your hand.

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February 20 to March 20

Tap into your inner problem-solver (Picture: Getty/

Tarot card for Pisces for Aries season: Five of Wands

Meaning: This astrological New Year might feel a little choppy, like things are changing or uncertain, like you’re not sure where you stand or what you want, like people are in conflict.

It’s okay, Pisces. I know there’s discomfort but this emotion is the first agent of necessary change. Push past the noise and squabbling and zoom in on the root causes, symptoms, and triggers.

Find out what’s not working, what needs attention. And then change it. You can overcome so much this spring.

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