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Entertainment - katherine ryan has shared the full story f how she got locked out of home with her toddler son while her baby slept .. Katherine Ryan reveals rollercoaster story that led her to being locked out of house with newborn inside , Now to the details.

Katherine Ryan has shared the full story f how she got locked out of home with her toddler son while her baby slept inside (Picture: bobby_k__/kathbum/Instagram)

Katherine Ryan has spilled the beans on how she managed to get locked out of her home with her newborn baby inside.

The comedian made headlines this week when she shared CCTV footage of the moment she realised she had become locked outside with her 18-month-old son while her two-month-old daughter Fenna was sleeping inside.

She explained that everything had worked out well and she was eventually able to get back inside to her daughter, who was perfectly fine, and now says she did so in part to let other mums who have been through the same thing to ‘feel seen.’

In the new episode of her Telling Everybody Everything Podcast, Katherine told the full story of how she became locked out, and it was a case of everything going wrong at once.

The Masked Singer UK star explained that the family were keeping all the doors shut to keep the cat out of the house as she had recently become a ‘murderess’ and was killing small animals in the garden and bringing them home as a treat, something Katherine and civil partner Bobby were uncomfortable with as they had a small baby.

(Spoiler alert: the doors lock automatically behind you. So you can see where this is going.)

Katherine and Bobby share 18-month-old Fred and two-month-old Fenna, while Katherine also has 13-year-old Violet from a previous relationship (Picture: Moët & Chandon) The star later shared a snap wth her baby girl to show everything had worked out (Picture: kathbum/Instagram)

At the same time, Bobby had separated the house key from Katherine’s car keys as she had recently taken the bus home rather than drive.

On the day she was locked out, Katherine had planned to bring the two younger children to the golf course where Bobby was playing to have a photo shoot, and dressed one-year-old Fred in his golfing outfit for the occasion.

The mum-of-three put baby Fenna to sleep in her cot by the window and brought toddler Fred out to the car, and as soon as the door closed behind her, ‘my brain went “Oh my God.”‘

Having checked the front and back door and confirmed they were all locked, the mum began to feel ‘a cold, calm panic’ as she told her son, still in her arms, she had done something ‘very bad.’

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‘So now I know that I am locked out of the house holding Fred in my arms, I don’t have my phone, I don’t have Fenna, I don’t have my house key.’

She admitted it had ‘crossed my mind’ to break the window, and also considered driving with Fred ‘five minutes down the road’ to the golf course to track down Bobby – except he had warned her earlier in the day that his phone was close to dying.

Exasperated, Katherine said she had constantly reminded him he needed to be contactable and not to let his phone die as they have ‘two small children and a teenager at school,’ but added that either way, ‘there was no way I was going to get in the car and leave Fenna sleeping in the house.’

Eventually the worried mum ran to a neighbour’s house, where she luckily met a Nanny of one of the families, who gave her her phone and allowed her to ring the golf course to try and track down Bobby.

Katherine managed to contact her partner Bobby at the golf curse (Picture: Getty Images for Moet Hennessy)

And after a staff member agreed to tell him he needed to come home immediately, the Nanny contacted her boss to also text Bobby’s phone and explain the situation.

By the time Katherine got back home again, Bobby now aware of the situation and on his way home, she admits she became ‘super relaxed,’ and revealed that all in all the incident had taken just about ten minutes.

Considering the positives, she admitted it was a much better situation than if Fred had been locked inside where he could have been in ‘danger’ or left ‘traumatised’ as he was aware of what was going on, while Fenna slept peacefully throughout it all.

The mum-of-three had shared the beginning of her story on Instagram, with listeners flocking to the comments to share their own stories and assure her she had done nothing wrong.

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As one person wrote: ‘You shouldn’t be ashamed of what happened or to share either… we’re all human and have all done things like this at some point in our lives.’

Another joked Katherine’s regaling of the story was ‘better than almost all telly,’ adding: ‘You’re the best.’

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Katherine Ryan reveals rollercoaster story that led her to being locked out of house with newborn inside

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